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What problem does MySmartProperty™ solve?


The MSPT™ Token rewards program is about to change the Rewards Points Industry forever and we are starting with the most valuable transactions, Real Estate!!!

MySmartProperty™ and the MSPT™ Token rewards program is about to change the Real Estate and the Rewards Points Industries forever, to the benefit of the users for the first time and not the big multinational companies!

Real Estate will change by giving Buyers, Sellers and Agents the ability to Analyse any property as an Investment free of charge. More importantly, help anyone to conduct a Comparative Analysis to enable them to more accurately see whether a property is a good investment for them, or just a big commission for the person selling it – HUGE CHANGES.

The Rewards Industry will also change, Rewards points such as Frequent Flyer points are designed to benefit the company, such as an airline, you can only use the points with that airline or its partners, you cannot sell the points, you cannot use the points when you want, they can devalue the points or time the points out, all for them and not for the client.

For the first time ever, Rewards points are for you, the client, the person that is spending the money. One of the biggest differences is that MSPT rewards points Crypto based and are fully portable, worldwide with any industry and they are more likely to go up in value than go down in value, WHY? Because they have real demand, the more people and companies that use MSPT™ Tokens, the more valuable they become.

The company that is offering the MSPT™ Rewards points Buys MSPT™ Token on market from MSPT™ Token holders. The MSPT™ Token is then put in your wallet, the then company has no control over them, you can sell them, use them, hold them, the choice is yours and yours alone.

If we look at the MySmartProperty™ trading platform as an example, this was invented to give Buyers, Sellers and Agents much clearer and more useful information to enable a fairer and more trusted environment, for what is to most people their largest asset and financial transaction. This is done using the 10 MySmartProperty™ Investment Metrics, 10 MySmartProperty™ Common Sense Metrics as well as the traditional comparative sale, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, and price as is currently used.

The MySmartProperty™ APP is in Alpha testing and will be operational in 2019.


The MSPT™ is a blockchain-based Rewards Token that can be used in any marketplace in the world to encourage Buyers to buy their products over other competitive products where there is not a lot of difference between the goods or services.

MySmartProperty™ will be one of the biggest purchasers of MSPT™ through worldwide property transactions starting in the small Australian Market. MySmartProperty™ has designed a platform where buyers, sellers, and agents can search, compare, transact and be rewarded by our Patented Rewards Token. The most important person in the entire system is the Buyer, and they will not only get more useful information but also MSPT™ Rewards Points. This program will bring huge value to all participants, including the MSPT™ Token holders.

The MySmartProperty™ Rewards Program will constantly drive demand for the MSPT™ Token. This is because each real estate transaction will result in on-market token sale, so the trading volume will be substantial. There’s about $330Billion of property sales in Australia alone each year which generates $14Billion in advertising and sales commissions. If we were to put that through our system, MySmartProperty™ would need to buy $1.4billion worth of tokens every year on-market to fund the Rewards Program.


The MySmartProperty™ system will bring trust and integrity to real estate transactions through our patented technology which will establish true and fair value in a completely transparent and immutable manner.

When using the MySmartProperty™ Trading Platform, Sellers can choose one agent, all agents or sell their home without an agent. They can sell their property with no upfront or ongoing costs regardless of how they choose to sell their property.

Real Estate Buyers will get more information about a property, but more importantly be able to conduct a Comparative Analysis based on 10 Financial Metrics and 10 Common Sense metrics which are not currently available anywhere. This added information gives Buyers and their Agents a substantial advantage over people that do not have the APP. Plus, all participants will get MSPT™ Token reward points which are also a huge incentive.



MySmartProperty™ gives Buyers of property a significant advantage through the ground-breaking MySmartProperty™ APP using our Patented 20-comparative metrics system. For the first time, buyers can look at a property as an investment and decide whether a property is good for them or just a big commission for the person selling it, by directly comparing like-for-like properties that best suits their personal circumstances. MySmartProperty™ gives Sellers of property an advantage to have EVERY agent in the country to potentially sell their property, compared to the current ‘exclusive agency’ model that only allows one agent to sell their home. Added to all of the inherent benefits and advantages the MySmartProperty™ APP offers, Buyers and Sellers also receive MSPT™ Tokens.

Crypto Rewards points that they can use, sell or hold as a store of value.



MySmartProperty™ also gives Real Estate Agents a huge competitive edge over peers by allowing them for the first time to show Fiduciary Duty to their Buyers and Sellers. For an agent to prove they are showing Best Interest Duty is a major shift in the current sales system that thrives on misinformation and at times, deception. Agents have a 7% trust rating in Australia according to Roy Morgan Research and this is almost certainly due to the exclusive agency model. Agents will also have the opportunity to partake in the sales of investment properties and NEW homes, which they lost. This market, which represents over 150,000 sales each year, has almost exclusively been cornered by the property marketeers to the detriment of regular real estate sales agents and represents almost a third of all property sales in Australia each year.



MySmartProperty™ brings together all Service Providers that are required during the property sale process onto one platform. This includes, but is not limited to agents, financiers, valuers, lawyers, inspectors, removalists and photographers together on the same platform. The MSPT™ Token Rewards Program will incentivize all participants to use the system and provide unique rewards above and beyond all the included advantages that come with using MySmartProperty™. MSPT™ Token will fuel the Rewards Program and become highly sought as we drive more and more traffic through the Trading Platform worldwide. In fact, any vendor of goods or services can use MSPT™ Token to incentivise their purchasers, allowing holders of MSPT™ Tokens to use MSPT™ Tokens in more places, thereby driving up the value of MSPT™ Tokens benefitting the holders more than any Rewards Program on the planet.

What We Do

MySmartProperty™ utilizes a Patented 10 Investment and 10 Common Sense Metrics system which is not available anywhere else in the world. These 20 metrics clearly distinguish the MySmartProperty™ Platform from all other real estate online advertising platforms. On top of that MySmartProperty™ also utilizes the MSPT™ Token Rewards Program which employs Smart Contract technology on the Ethereum Blockchain allowing those points to be bought, sold, used or held.


The MySmartProperty™ APP provides free Analysis on any property, but more importantly Comparative Analysis, using the Patented 20 comparable metrics system so you can see whether a property is a good Investment for you, and see through the Agent’s bias towards their listings and their commissions. Plus MySmartProperty™ has Online Negotiation, Online Deposits, Online Contracts, and Online Contract Signatures. This allows a property, which may be a great Investment to be sold to an investor across the country within minutes of being listed, something which would currently be almost impossible to find, let alone purchase online within minutes of being notified of the listing matching the specified investment criteria.

The MySmartProperty™ APP will contain your personal MSPT™ Token wallet to hold your Reward Tokens together with the functions to facilitate property transactions. In fact, MSPT™ Tokens could be used as full payment or in conjunction with normal currency as part of the purchase price as accepted by the Vendor, or any of the services available on the platform such as lawyers, finance brokers, photographers or any other service provider.

Cryptocurrencies are an extremely volatile asset class, but users of the MySmartProperty™ Trading Platform can have complete confidence in the system because the MySmartProperty™ Statutory Fund will provide a 100% guarantee that the Buyers deposit or Settlement funds will reach the seller with its FIAT full value taking the volatility risk out of the equation by using the Deposit section of the website.

Currently, MSPT™ Token can be traded on the MySmart™ Exchange with Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. People wanting to purchase MSPT™ Token directly can have instant access to MSPT™ Token from the MySmart™ Exchange using Credit cards or PayPal or other cryptos. We anticipate MSPT™ Token will be accepted on major cryptocurrency exchanges in the very near future.

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Tokens will be HIGHLY sought by the users of the MySmartProperty™ Trading Platform


Because the property buyers will require tokens that represent a percentage of the property contract price, they won’t necessarily care what the token price is.  It is expected that  supply and demand economics will mean the MSPT™ Token will be highly sought after by its users.

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Our Team

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    David Jenkins

    David is a professional Financial and Investment adviser and co-founder of He is a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP) who has been providing high quality investment and insurance advice to Australian Superannuation and Pension fund members for over 15 years. He has a passion for bringing trust and integrity back into real estate transactions between buyers and sellers wherever in the world they happen.

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    Walter Leskiw

    Walter has worked in the Financial Services Industry for the past 30 years and he is a Co Founder of Over the last 30 years Walter has held Financial Service Lic’s with a number of both International and National Fund Manager Groups. Capital Raising has been his expertise and today he works with a number of organisations providing them access to startup and working capital.

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    Chris Bilborough

    Chris Bilborough Founder and Inventor of the Technology used by MySmartProperty™ as well as the Patent Holder of the IP is often described as the “Mastermind” behind Investment Property selling which currently sells an estimated 80% of all Investment property in Australia. He was the catalyst for a precedent set in Financial Services Law creating the Paradigm for Investment property sales in Australia.

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    Stephen Holmes

    Stephen has worked in the profession since 1987 (actually commencing on his 18th birthday). Since that time he has worked as a tax manager at Ernst & Young and managing principal at an ASX listed accounting firm. Stephen has a particular focus on capital gains tax, taxation implications of trusts, tax consolidation and corporate tax matters.

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    Steve Eccles

    From early beginnings as an apprentice Toolmaker with Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Sydney in the early 80’s Steve has honed his unique skill set whilst serving as a Chief Technical officer for a number of firms and has specialised in the field of Renewable energy, AI machine automation and is the first point of contact for all technical aspects of MSP and its core technologies.

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    Oleg Abrosimov

    Blockchain developer Cryptoenthusiast, 10+ years in IT industry experience, bitcoin and ethereum expert, EthereumICO WordPress plugin author.

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    Gregory Riley

    Greg is an influential leader who understands and leads from his heart with concise people skills far beyond his years. He is a mentor providing pieces of gold in helping people grow to their greater potential. He impacts peoples businesses in such a positive way with a true giving spirit.

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    Michelle Adams

    Michelle has over 20 years’ sales, marketing and executive management experience within the franchise sector and now owns and operates her on Strategic Marketing Agency. She has project managed product launches in both B2B and B2C markets. Skilled both academically and practically she is across the latest leading edge marketing techniques.





January 15, 2017

Patent Filed

World Wide Patent Filed

February 1, 2017

Patent Granted

World Wide Patent Obtained


February 25, 2018

Android Demo App

Android App Demo Completed

May 1, 2018

Pre ICO Token Release

The Pre-ICO will conclude at GMT+10 on Saturday 30th June 2018 unless the Pre-ICO allocation of 12,000,000 tokens at US$0.50 sells out prior.
Please note that from 3rd June Pre-ICO price will increase to US$0.75.

July 1, 2018

ICO Release

The ICO will commence at GMT+10 on Sunday 1st July 2018. The ICO will conclude at GMT+10 on Friday 3rd August or prior if the allocation of 24,000,000 tokens at US$1.00 sells out.

October 2018

Launch Agent Training 

October 2018

Completion and Testing of Exchange

November, 2018

Beta App

Initial App for Beta Testing


January/February 2019

Beta Testing with Real Estate Agents

February 2019

Developer Sales Stock loaded onto the Trading Platform

February 2019

Training Commences for Associated Platform Service Providers such as Agents, Lawyers, Brokers, Valuers etc

March 2019

National Launch

App Available Nationally

March 2019

Online Property Investor Training on the App



New Zealand rollout


UK rollout


Canada and Singapore rollout



European rollout



Worldwide rollout